Oughton / Snushall Wedding 1941?

Left to Right:- Jack Oughton (Brother of Groom), Ida Oughton, Barbara Oughton, Margie Snushall, Maurice Oughton (Groom), Kathleen Snushall (Bride) Jean?, Dora Oughton, Olive Oughton, Wally Snushall (Father of Bride)

Bowers/Oughton Wedding - 1943
Left to right:-
Charles Bowers (groom's cousin & best man), Ida Oughton (bride's niece), Barbara Oughton (bride's sister), Susan Selby (friend), John (Jack) Bowers (groom), Dora Oughton (bride), Graham Scott (?), Olive Oughton (bride's sister), Rita Scott (bride's cousin), Horace Oughton (bride's father).

Sidney Laxton / Ivy Dix Wedding - 15th June 1943 (Married by Reverend Noel Beddome Page)

Woods/Chambers Wedding - 1945
Left to right:-
Jack Woods (groom's brother), ??, Robert Woods (groom), Joan Chambers (bride), Ilene Woods (groom's sister), Helen Knights, Mr Chambers, (bride's father)?

Ken and Beatrice Wight Wedding - 28th February 1945

Left to right
Jack Woods (bride's brother), Jean Knights (friend), Alfred Gathercole (groom), Ilene Woods (bride), Helen Cruickshank (friend), George Woods (bride's father).
17th May 1948

Woods/Oughton Wedding - 27th November 1948
Left to right:-
Back Row:- George Woods (groom's father), Robert Woods (groom's brother), Rita Smith (bride's cousin), John (Jack) Woods (groom), Olive Oughton (bride), Barbara Oliver (bride's sister), Horace Oughton (bride's father).
Front Row:- Grace Oughton (bride's mother), Jacqueline Bowers (bride's niece), Lesley Peeling (bride's niece), Susan Oughton (bride's niece), Eliza Woods (groom's mother).
N.B. Wedding took place at WSP church but due to extremely foggy weather photos had to be taken in a studio.

Oliver/Oughton Wedding - 1948
Left to right:-
Roy Oliver (groom's brother & best man), Iris Oliver (groom's sister), Jacqueline Bowers (bride's niece), Arthur Oliver (groom), Barbara Oughton (bride), Olive Oughton (bride's sister), Horace Oughton (bride's father).

Bowers/Wiles wedding - December 1965

Jack Bowers (bride's father), Olive Wiles (groom's mother), Caroline Oliver (bride's cousin), Gillian Woods (bride's cousin), Ronnie Rutterford (best man), Terry Wiles (groom), Jacqueline Bowers (bride), Jennifer Woods (bride's cousin), Dora Bowers (bride's mother), Jim Wiles (groom's father)

Arthur Collier/Maureen Fuller Wedding - October 1966

Richard Blunt / Jennifer Woods Wedding - 2nd September 1972

Left to right

Laura Blunt (groom's mother), Sydney Blunt (groom's father), Caroline Oliver (bride's cousin), Nicola Wiles (bride's second cousin), Chris Blunt (groom's brother & Best Man), Richard Blunt (groom), Jennifer Woods (bride), Gillian Woods (bride's sister), Jack Woods (bride's father), Olive Woods (bride's mother).

Left to right
George Shillaker (groom's father), ? Shillaker (groom's mother), Sarah Markillie, Adrian Shillaker, Warwick Shillacker (groom), Jane Markillie (bride), Anna Cooke, June Markillie (bride's mother), Arthur Markillie (bride's father). Mark and James Shillaker (pageboys).

Left to right
Andrew Blunt (bride's nephew), Richard Blunt (bride's brother in law & best man), Derek Henderson (groom), Gillian Woods (bride), Olive Woods (bride's mother), Jack Woods (bride's father), Jennifer Blunt (bride's sister) Jonathan Blunt (bride's nephew).
16th September 2001

Treen - Pugsley Wedding

John-Paul Treen/Julia Pugsley Wedding - June 2008

Turner / Oughton Wedding 2012

Julie Oughton (Mother of the Bride), Glen Turner (Groom), Daisy Oughton (Bride), Roger Oughton (Father of the Bride)